3 Things Kiss Taught Me About Marketing


3 Things Kiss Taught Me About Marketing

No, the title of this article doesn’t lie; Jason Harris, the CEO of award-winning creative agency Mekanism, really does find a way to relate the rock band to advertising and marketing storytelling. While Harris doesn’t suggest you don the trademark Kiss makeup to work, he has “three Kiss-inspired principles for brands” to help you achieve your inner rock star.


Communication Determines the Success of Your Business

Earl was just your average man who had a dream of making it as a magician in Florida. Earl thought he had everything ready for show time, he even had radio ads running weeks in advance. Earl looked out at the audience right before the start of the show; 17 people were there (including his wife, two kids, and mom). Why didn’t Earl get a good turn out?

Earl had a rough start because he didn’t understand how to create intrigue around his magic show. Don’t be an Earl; be a successful communicator.


3 Digital Marketing Tactics Every Small Business Can Implement Today

Tired of reading? Entrepreneur Network partner, Kate Volman, and Ryan Boylston of Woo Creative discuss tips for digital marketing for small businesses in this video. With great tips about simplifying strategies, SEO and social media, its 12 minutes well spent.


One Surprising Way to Inject More Creativity Into Your Marketing

Digital standards are the key to boosting creativity and managing content at the same time. Structuring your digital standards can be complex and even annoying, but when done right they allow you to focus on fun, engaging, creative aspects of the content that we all know you really want to focus on.

So you’ve decided you need digital standards, so what next? All you have to do is follow four steps:

  1. Set goals
  2. Review existing digital standards
  3. Update your digital standards
  4. Put your digital standards where they’ll get used

Understand these steps and you’ll be well set on the path of injecting more creativity into your marketing. Just be prepared that as the market changes, standards will evolve, and you will need to keep all stakeholders updated and involved.


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