6 Things You Want Your Customers Saying About Your Business


6 Things You Want Your Customers Saying About Your Business

Every company wants stellar reviews from past customers; it’s what helps get new customers through your doors. Author, speaker and business adviser, Joe Calloway, can help you get those existing customers to attract new customers and share why your business is the best. One thing he recommends is identifying your three “what we want them to say” statements. Once these are identified you can focus and target those specific goals when working with customers.


From the Archives: Muhammad Ali

Who was the greatest athlete of all time? Okay, it might have been because of the title of the article, but were you thinking Muhammad Ali? Ali is considered one of the best athletes of all time, but it took time, effort and a lot of brand building to earn that title. Before his passing, some of the staff of Success sat down with Ali and his wife to find out what it took to build his brand, and everything he says can be applied to your business.



Get Control of Your Content Marketing Ideas So You Can Take Action

92% of successful B2B marketers value creativity, but the question is how do you put those creative ideas into action? We all know how hard it is to focus on your marketing mission, goals and audience while trying to make your creative ideas a reality. This article has four main steps to get control of your ideas so you can take action.


How to Create Content People Actually Search For

You can come up with the best and most possible ideas ever, but it doesn’t matter if people aren’t looking for it in their search engines. Content marketing isn’t just about your writing skills or what buzzwords your putting in your content, it’s about coming up with headlines and tags that will make people want to search them; it’s about how curious you can make your consumers. Stuck trying to figure out how to get people to search for your content? Try using content ideation to power your editorial, write search engine friendly headlines, use the word “who” (headlines that included the word “who” achieved a 22% higher click-through rate), and add a descriptive bracket.

How to Create Content People Actually Search For

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